Store Management
Intelligent Marketing
Data Analytics
Business Automation
Management & Marketing Platform
Store Management. Intelligent Marketing. Data Analytics. Business Automation. is not only a software,
trusted by hundreds of businesses, it is a proven way to manage and grow your businesses efficiently.

More Revenue.
Less Work. helps you to acquire new customers, generate more revenue from each customer, and save time on administrative work.

Hundreds of businesses are already using to achieve their business goals.

All-in-one Store Management

Let everyone of your team manage everything of your business, on one single platform. (POS, bookings, members, CRM, inventory, human resources etc.)
Manage everything with ease with any smart devices.

Intelligent Data Analysis & Reportings

View and analyse the data of different stores easily, export professional reports with just 1 click, customer analysis tools that helps your team to improve sales. means higher revenue, less reporting work and lower administrative cost.

Automate Repetitive yet Important Tasks

Automate repetitive tasks like reporting, customer engagements etc. frees you from dull tasks, and unleash the growth potential of your business.

Drive Business Growth with Internet & Data Technology

Intelligent customer analysis, personalised Whatsapp / SMS marketing promotion, acquire new customers and maximise customer lifetime value with data technology.

Cloud Managed.
Real-time Analysis.

Advanced. Intuitive. Security First.

Point of Sales does not only record your transactions, it helps you to generate more value from each transaction.
  • Easy-to-use

    1. Add to cart, 2. Select staff, 3. Select payment method, 4. Complete transaction.

  • Automation automatically help you adjust inventory balance, calculate commission, generate and send receipts, update reports right after completing the transaction...

  • Loyalty Programme

    Turn customers to members, give bonus points to fans, analyse customer behaviour

Reservation & Service Management is more than an online booking system, it helps you to manage your bookings in a better way, and increase revenue per room-hour.
  • Work Efficiently

    Intuitive user interface lets you manage bookings in 5 secs and see the status at a glance.

  • Intelligent Management

    Update stock level and report automatically right after the booking.

  • Never lose a record

    Manage treatment records digitally. All your photos, documents, voice recordings and e-signatures are backed-up securely in the cloud.

Customer Relationship Management does not only enable you to run bonus point programmes, it increases your customers' lifetime value.
  • Customer Analysis

    1 click to analyse customer behaviour, helping your team to improve sales return.

  • Customer Retention

    Maximimise customer lifetime value by setting up loyalty schemes and marketing campaigns.

  • Compliance

    Provide tablet computer application for you to record voice recordings, e-signature for important transactions.

Marketing & Customer Engagement does not only help you to send more messages to customers, we help to generate more revenue from each message.
  • Omni-Channel

    Engage customers at different channels with just one click
    (SMS, Email, WhatsApp*, WeChat*)

  • Automated & Personalised

    Segment customers based on their behaviour and send personalised messages.

  • Social

    Leverage the social network of customers to acquire new customers.

*Invite only

Data Analysis & Reporting does not only allow you to export data at the end of each month, it enables you to make use of data to make more money every day.
  • A.I. Report monitors your company performance and deliver customized report to your mailbox every week.

  • Real-time Analytics

    The guessing is over. Monitor your business in real-time, with any device, anytime you want.

  • Simple Export

    Professional reports that you and your accountant will love are just one click away. Sales, commision, cash-flow, turnover, gross revenue, accounts receivable… You name it., your partner to success

Proven & Effective

      Monthly sales increased by 37.4% in less than 6 months
      Time cost of administrative work reduced by 24.9%
      Sales volume growth exceeded the expectation of over 97% users

Free Professional Trainings

      Free system trainnings to get you and your staff on board
      Data analytics and marketing workshops for management
      Graphical and interactive user manual

Reliable support service

      Phone support - system operations and business advisory
      24 × 7 hotline and email support
      Dedicated client success manager to support you and your team

Free system upgrades and maintenance

      24 × 7 system maintenance & data security management
      Daily backup ensures the safety of your data
      Regular free upgrade for improvements and new features

Highest standard for system reliability, safety and privacy

      99.9%+ system reliability
      (powered by Amazon Web Services, #1 cloud infrastructure provider)
      Same data security level as Forbes 500 companies
      Decentralised cloud computing infrastructures in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong prevents regional outage

Unleash the growth potential
of your company.

More revenue, Loyal customers, Less work

About us

Our vision

Make it easy to do business with technology

Our mission

Unleash the growth potentials of businesses of every size by the use of data technology and internet. is on a mission to make it easy for everyone to do business with technology
We enable businesses of every size to improve the way they market, sell and operate with our proprietary technology platform. enable merchants, brands and entrepreneurs to leverage the power of new technology to engage with their users and customers, operate and grow in a more efficient way.

About our group is the data technology flagship product of Aigniter Holdings Limited (the “Group”).

Aigniter Holdings Limited is a Hong Kong based data technology and FinTech company that develops technology-driven products and services for businesses, governments, financial institutes in mainland China, Hong Kong and South East Asia countries, unleashing the potentials of organisations with data technology.

The Group launched revolutionary products like (shop management and marketing SaaS platform), Jarvix Pay (one-stop payment application) and CERTOM (blockchain credit data management platform) with the support of Hong Kong Cyberport, Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and renowned venture capital funds. Products of the group facilitated over HKD 10 billions transactions with our proprietary intelligent marketing, digital payment, internet finance services, enabling businesses of all sizes to grow rapidly.




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